Logistics services supporting e-commerce cross-border sales


Parcels can be sent to us on an everyday basis to our warehouse in Dudley. We collect all parcels together and deliver them abroad. We provide everyday express delivery to destination countries. Then we send every single parcel to your customer abroad using reliable and well-known carriers. In every destination country (France, Germany, Poland) we select logistic business partner tailored to suit your needs. Thanks to that we are able to keep the highest quality of service at a fair rate.

Cross-border deliveries made simple

How it works

We understand that every e-commerce works differently. So you decide what is the best option of cooperation with us. You can deliver your parcels to our warehouse in Dudley every day. If a number of cross-border orders in your business is large we can pick-up your parcels straight from you and deliver it abroad. It depends on your location and amount of parcels we support you. Delivery time takes from 24 to 48 hours depending on customer location. Expedited, oversized and COD shipping options are available as well.

We will deliver your parcels  fast and efficiently


E-commerce customers have right to return ordered products without a specific reason. But it’s quite problematic when it comes to cross-border shipping. We make it much easier and give an opportunity for your customers to send returns in their home country – using our locations addresses in target countries.

Return policy with customer approach

How it works

Once we have received the returns, we identify it and store it. The returns may be inspected and sent back to you straight away. We provide labels for return shipping and online tracking of returns. It’s stress-free for your customers and for you. We assure that the whole international return shipping process is as easy as possible.

Convenience in the field of cross-border returns


Goglobal24 offers storing and order picking as well. We can store your products and send them directly to your customers abroad. You can use our storage and our know-how to speed up whole shipping process.

You sell we deliver

How it works

Once your customer has confirmed an order, it takes us up to 24 hours to pick it and ship it. At each of the warehouse processes, products are checked to ensure that customers receive the right item in a proper condition. You get confirmation directly from our Goglobal24 system that every order is on the way.

Push your shipping to the next level


We can support your foreign market sales using our expertise in the local market. Different markets have specific rules, procedures and local regulations. It’s not easy to stay up to date with all of them. Thanks to our expertise we can support your sales and help you to avoid problems.

Your partner on local European markets

How it works

We can be your local partner in cross-border e-commerce providing you up-to-date information about specific markets and giving you the necessary knowledge that helps you sale with full confidence. Moreover, we focus on differences between local marketplaces and help you to understand specifics of France, German and Polish e-commerce markets.

Feel comfortable on foreign markets


Our IT solutions that make your international e-commerce growth easy.

Our software makes shipment and fulfilment process easy. You can select one of the existing integrations. We designed integrations – using API – focused on shipping time, data integrity, shipping accuracy and communication with the customer. Using our customized IT software you can easily manage what kind of information about shipping process your customer needs to get.


Goglobal24 system pulls order details directly from your eBay account. Once orders are completed at Goglobal24, the system feeds eBay with required data. You don’t need to double your work. Everything is well designed to work efficiently with the biggest online marketplaces in Europe.


Goglobal24 system allows import orders from French and German Amazon. After orders are scanned at Goglobal24, the system sends an order confirmation to Amazon. This solution speeds up the process of shipping and gives full control. This specialized tool allows you to professionalize your delivery process.

API Goglobal24

Goglobal24 API can integrate any system with Goglobal24 shipping solutions. This powerful tool is designed to make your cross-border shipping simple. You don’t need to manually type delivery information. Goglobal24 API automatically download necessary information from your e-commerce system.


Goglobal24 designed a dedicated web-based software supporting e-commerce needs. The system is an intuitive tool focused on logistics, customer service and sales functions.

How it works

Here are some functions of the system that will help you keep you cross-border deliveries simple:

  • multi-language user interface
  • returns management
  • order fulfillment
  • shipping processing
  • e-mailing
  • reporting
  • shipping alerts


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