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We provide comprehensive cross-border logistics services for e-commerce. Every day we send orders and receive returns from buyers in Poland, Germany, Great Britain and France. We support export in foreign sales – we help e-stores successfully compete in the global market.

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How we work


Our services are tailored to the needs of e-stores. We help them compete
with foreign sellers in their own markets.

  • Delivery to recipients in Germany, France and France is possible in 48h from our location in Dudley. Returns are identified by us daily, entered into the system and transported to the headquarters.

  • Buyers from Germany, France and Poland will receive shipments from the address in their country. They will be delivered by the best courier company on a given market. We provide these addresses to sellers as their return locations. Buyers can conveniently return the goods with domestic courier services.

  • We offer cooperation on the basis of a simple, unlimited contract: no fixed fees or logistic minimums for shipments and returns.

  • Transparency and efficiency of operation is ensured by our own IT system. It helps in managing shipments and returns, generates labels, invoices and e-mail notifications.

  • Professional customer service is available 6 days a week within our system, by e-mail or by phone. Our partners can also count on our support in solving everyday problems in foreign sales.


The execution of our services is supervised by our proprietary IT system.
Consultations with its users helps us constantly develop and improve it.


The basic function is the management of shipments and returns: control, creating new orders, importing, exporting, editing, deleting and label generation.


The system provides current information on returns and the ability to create return labels for foreign couriers.


An important advantage is the flexible configuration of e-mail notifications, both for buyers and system users.


Connections with platforms such as Ebay, Amazon, Baselinker or IAI-Shop enable automation of sales operations.

Proprietary API

In the case of a dedicated e-commerce solution, we recommend using the GOGLOBAL24 API.

More about the system

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